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Italian lighting company Reggiani marked a new chapter ahead of its 60th anniversary with a fresh new brand identity and positioning. Under the banner ‘The Illumination Collective’, our brief covered a logomark, brand colours, typeface and tone of voice – all of which were applied across key touchpoints, from products and buildings to online. A bespoke animated film was also created for use online and at events, communicating Reggiani’s new voice and branding.

Where, When

Global branding; March 2016

About the client

Headquartered in Italy, Reggiani transforms spaces and experiences with light. It’s a forward-thinking community of lighting experts bringing cutting-edge technical performance and pioneering ideas to its clients. Reggiani’s solutions are used around the world, in hotels, retail stores, places of worship, exhibitions and offices.

A bit more detail

Drawing on in-depth research, we identified the core values and pillars of a brand personality for Reggiani, based on open-mindedness, dynamism and inspiration. This collaborative philosophy is expressed in the distinctive new logo, in which an open ‘R’ takes the place of the previous ‘closed’ sphere.   A palette of black, white and yellow projects a bold brand identity, as does the simple typography style and tone of voice, which Reggiani’s in-house team can now adopt and apply consistently across platforms.    


Reggiani launched its new identity at the prestigious trade show Light + Building 2016 in Frankfurt. We designed the brand pavilion to position Reggiani as a pioneering lighting brand as well as showcase new products, and visualise the transformative effect of lighting design on spaces and experiences. Individual products are showcased on gallery-style plinths and brought to life through digital animations, while a beacon-like projection screens the bespoke brand film to visitors.    

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