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With one of the world’s lowest birth rates, the majority of South Korean parents are first-timers who seek knowledge and reassurance. In a project that spanned strategy and brand creation through to design and communications, we created Marie's Baby Circle – an aspirational yet welcoming ‘home from home’ that offers a ‘family’ (or circle) of experts and friends to help, advise, inspire and reassure new and expectant parents.

Where, When

Starfield Hanam, Seoul, South Korea; September 2016, Starfield Goyang, Seoul, South Korea; September 2017

About the client

Founded in 1993 by Shinsegae, Emart is the largest retailer in South Korea and in late 2016, we created Marie's Baby Circle – a new baby brand for South Korean retail giant.

The great success of the first store shed light on a market whose size was expected to decrease with the large ageing population. D&P’s customer-centric approach in designing store experiences, combined with their great chemistry with the Emart team, made Marie’s Baby Circle a destination for all mothers-to-be and young families in Korea.
Brian Kim, VP, Merchandise Strategy Division, Emart
A bit more detail

A thread of playful touches is woven throughout both stores, capturing the excitement and joy of starting a family. One standout feature is an engaging, interactive wooden digital projection wall for kids and parents alike. The wall, designed using conductive ink, responds to touch and triggers different animations and sounds, based on a new range of bespoke animated characters that we designed. These are key in the stores' communications and beyond, tapping into the hugely popular emoji and character-driven culture that is prevalent in South Korea. The second store in Starfield Goyang features a new studio space that hosts pre-natal classes, product demos and wellbeing activities such as yoga, transforming into a children’s play area on the weekends. Our concept recognises the unique cultural and contextual needs of South Korean consumers, providing everything they need to enjoy their pregnancy and prepare for parenthood.

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