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To communicate Rockar Hyundai’s radical new proposition for automotive retail, we designed bespoke digital content for its online, mobile and in-store channels – including 42 screens populating the Bluewater showroom.

Where, When

Bluewater Shopping Centre, Kent, UK; October 2014

About the client

Rockar was formed in 2011 to develop an easy and flexible alternative to buying and owning a car. Launching in partnership with Hyundai, the omnichannel concept is unprecedented in the UK automotive industry, reflecting the way in which consumers’ now research online and jump between channels on their shopping journeys.

A bit more detail

Our teams’ understanding of both Rockar and Hyundai brands ensured both shine in the space and speak with a single, coherent voice. The content succinctly explains the brand’s proposition, the benefits of buying with Rockar, individual car specifications, pricing and promotions.


A powerful way to change pace instore and boost local relevance, video content that encourages passersby to book themselves a test drive can be altered to reflect real-time outside weather conditions, for example playing a rainy backdrop. Staff – dubbed ‘angels’ – are also introduced in the instore digital displays, in order to create a more welcoming, personal experience.

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