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Our multi-faceted showroom for Pieces

The ‘Her Social Studio’ concept located within the office headquarters of parent company Bestseller in Aarhus, Denmark immerses customers in a multi-faceted hub for co-creation and brand storytelling. It’s an evolution of our concept store, in Den Bosch –  created for the brand in 2016.

Fusing classic retailing with a working studio, the space is multi-purpose and houses a myriad of brand activations and engagements, from staff training to trialing products and merchandising to customer workshops and styling sessions. The aim, to give any visitor, be that franchisee, partner, supplier or staff member an opportunity to ‘buy into the brand’ through a totally immersive experience.

The flexible showroom is broadly divided into two zones – ‘Her Wardrobe’ and ‘Her Studio’.

The retail space ‘Her Wardrobe’ exudes a contemporary Scandinavian aesthetic, reflecting the world of Pieces’ customers – celebrating and empowering them to look good and share their looks in a warm welcoming setting. It’s designed to be a flexible shoppable space, featuring a “coming soon” panel for sneak peeks at future product collections and collaborations. As well as showcasing the store concept it can be used to trial merchandising and VM ideas and accommodate a constantly changing programme of events and classes.

‘Her Studio’ is designed as a co-working space, giving insight into the brand and it’s creative processes. Customers and partners can relax on informal lounge seating, or access complimentary drinks and gift-wrapping from a concealed ‘Hosting Cupboard’. Perimeter walls throughout act as a vibrant canvas for expressing brand inspiration and charting the creative process – such as a pin board showcasing ‘works in progress’, an upcoming events calendar, a lifestyle mood board and a bold brand manifesto.

The showroom is 100% self service – it’s cashless, cardless and most of the time unstaffed. Visitors and staff can make purchases through via their own mobile device.

The whole space allows the brand story and retail concept to be told in a truly immersive and seamless way.

5-8 Hardwick Street London EC1R 4RG - UK

+44 (0)20 7837 7117

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