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Newlife – breaking the barriers

We’re very happy to support the charity Newlife in the design of a powerful exhibit in the Upper Waiting Hall of the Houses of Parliament.

Newlife is a charity long established in the support of disabled children and their families. Its current campaign focuses on the barriers to accessing the relevant equipment that can transform lives. How can we make the daily life of a disabled child and carer more bearable with the equipment that they’re due, they deserve and they’re promised?

The week-long exhibition asked Members of the House for their aid in building awareness of this key issue, highlighting the areas in which they can lobby, both locally and nationally.

The physical movement of spinning panels to the front of the space changes the message from a question to a solution. Individual podiums showcase the relevant equipment, each with a very personal and moving example of the issues and opportunities.

We designed the concept for the space, M2K manufactured the stand and its varied components, and the River Island Store Development team coordinated production.



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+44 (0)20 7837 7117

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