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We evolve the hugely impactful ‘On Air’ concept for Missguided Bluewater

Missguided is building on its 2016 physical retail debut with an exciting evolution of the ‘On-Air’ store concept. Opening to huge crowds on the 3rd June, retail-addicted girls were treated to a ‘house of mirrors’ effect full of instagrammable moments and live digital content.

The Missguided facade

Missguided’s 16,000sqft store in Bluewater shopping centre, Kent appeals to a wider audience while offering the same high-energy, fashion-forward experience as the Westfield Stratford flagship. We have adapted the original concept to fit Bluewater’s single-floor, lower ceilinged site.

The denim studio

Window and barrier-free, the completely open storefront has ‘stop you in your tracks’ appeal and seamlessly invites shoppers into the creative, fun-filled Missguided world. Floor-to-ceiling digital screens play the brand’s award-winning campaigns, along with customer-generated content curated by the brand (#babesofmissguided).

An interior store shot

Mirror-finish columns, sparkly terrazzo-effect flooring and pink neon signage add to the glamorous effect, and the presentation is cleverly mirrored on either side so customers have the same high-impact experience when approaching from any direction. The Central Stage within the entrance area allows for a high impact VM statement: in place of Westfield’s much-photographed monster truck, Missguided Bluewater once more breaks VM boundaries with a supersized banana.

The check out

Unique to the Bluewater site is a carnivalesque ‘house of mirrors’ effect where the digital content appears to reflect infinitely from the surrounding mirrors. The effect is a magical, illusionistic fairground feel that Missguided’s customers love. In the fitting room, infinity mirrors meet a Miami pool party theme, complete with palm trees wallpaper and playful emoji signage.

The Miami pool party-inspired changing rooms

Our ‘On-Air’ design disrupts the layout of conventional retail by creating lifestyle sets that encourage exploration and social media sharing. These flexible fixtures allow for rapid transformation of the store environment, synchronised with the latest campaigns and trends. To keep energy levels high, creative VM pieces ensure insta-worthy surprises throughout the entire customer journey.

The lingerie department

Playing with scale, contrasting materials, colour, light and shadow throughout the store makes for a theatrical and photogenic experience. The ‘Shoeniverse’ returns here as an anchor department, following its popularity in Missguided’s first store. There is also plenty of brand’s iconic, tongue-in-cheek signage – such as “Get naked”, the Babe Commandments and the large cash desk Dollar sign.

The shoeuniverse department

This is the next step in Missguided’s journey from successful online retailer to global leader for rapid fashion. As its store footprint grows, each iteration of the “On Air” concept will keep consumers guessing by featuring new unexpected elements with the ambition to remain always surprising and pioneering.

Congratulations to all who made it happen!



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