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When the first UK motorway services opened in November 1959, Watford Gap, M1 – it caused an influx in people making this a destination, instead of just stopping to refuel, they stopped for a meal and this became a highlight for some. Who’d have thought people wanted to take time and hang around on the side of the busiest motorway in the UK. Anyway, they did and they loved it and they still do.

Now the game is changing again, a service area in Gloucester is turning the traditional motorway services offer on it’s head. Gloucester Services has been set up by a farming family from Cumbria and is championing local sustainable products. You can find a butchers, farm shop, cafe and general store. Think of it as a showcase of the best food from the county. It’s an excellent idea on so many levels, people love farm shops, and people need to refuel.

If you’re on the M5, J12 & 11a, could be worth a toilet break.

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