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Individual: Cabinet de Parfums

If you happen to be in Tel Aviv, this is a D&P must see! A new concept store by perfume connoisseur Guy Schestowitz celebrates the art of choosing perfume.

© Time Out

First of all, you’re drawn in by the beautiful window VM, and then you can’t resist gravitating towards the gorgeous illuminated wall of delicate glass bottles.

Everything in here is so beautifully considered, and it was such an inspiring shopping experience. It was a simple concept, uncluttered, with exquisite product and very helpful and knowledgeable staff. Cabinet de Parfums showcases unique perfumes, carefully selected and collected from fragrance specialists worldwide, all crafted from natural ingredients and ethereal oils.

© Orly Shrem Architects

Not only are the perfumes gorgeous, but I get the impression they have no tolerance for ‘ugly’ packaging. Each and every brand has beautifully designed bottles that look stunning in front of the illuminated wall.

© Strana

The staff are trained professionals who help you find your unique scent, asking a lot about you and the kind of things you like. They know their stuff, and are happy to spend as much time as you wish exploring and testing. There’s no sense of rush or a push to purchase.

© Strana

The packaging and identity are also beautiful.

© Dan Alexander & Co.
© Orly Shrem Architects

40 Shabazi St, Tel Aviv

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