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Dustin Yellin – NYC ballet installation


NYC ballet presents the third installation of its art series, coinciding with the company’s 2015 winter season. Yellin exhibits 15 works created as part of his on-going ‘psyphogeographies’ series.

Encased in heavy layers of translucent glass sheets, the three rows of sculptures comprise human silhouettes made from hundreds of individual mixed-media are suspended in a crystal-clear mass. The figures’ bodies have been painstakingly painted and put together to closely mimic the natural moves of dancers from the ballet, tying together the two artistic practices.

Check out the video for further insight into Yellin’s work.

dustin-yellin-NYC-ballet-lincoln-center-designboom-06dustin-yellin-NYC-ballet-lincoln-center-designboom-05 dustin-yellin-infills-lincoln-center-with-glass-dancers-for-the-NYC-ballet-designboom-101

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