Beauty of Marble

Extraordinary-Beauty-of-Marble-Quarries-by-Tito-Mouraz-Yellowtrace-08 Extraordinary-Beauty-of-Marble-Quarries-by-Tito-Mouraz-Yellowtrace-07 Extraordinary-Beauty-of-Marble-Quarries-by-Tito-Mouraz-Yellowtrace-02 Extraordinary-Beauty-of-Marble-Quarries-by-Tito-Mouraz-Yellowtrace-04 Extraordinary-Beauty-of-Marble-Quarries-by-Tito-Mouraz-Yellowtrace-06 Extraordinary-Beauty-of-Marble-Quarries-by-Tito-Mouraz-Yellowtrace-01

All images © Tito Mouraz


The photographer Tito Mouraz spent two years touring the open-pit mines of Portugal to capture these images and the film maker Yuri Ancarani captured the carefully orchestrated process of extracting marble from the Italian Alps over a year. I think the results of these made me realise the process is as beautiful as the end product.

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