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We popped into the new Dyson store…

Dyson’s first British store is open and, amongst other things, it’s proudly selling the new hairdryers!


The first floor of the space is dedicated solely to the Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer, complete with hairdressing stations and knowledgeable Dyson stylists to talk you through the latest and perhaps most expensive hair dryer (at £300+ a pop). Each element of the minimal design has been meticulously considered, and design flaws of the traditional hairdryer have been eliminated. The motor itself (a small pin the staff also wear, smaller than a two pence coin) spins faster than a Formula 1 car or a jumbo jet, and is so quiet only cats or dogs can hear it. Tried and tested on over 1,000 miles of human hair, and an investment of 4 years and £50 million, we were eager to see what the beauty world make of it. Vogue has already given it the seal of approval; “Well worth the wait – we all want one.”

The ground floor sells the full range of Dyson products, featuring a wall of illuminated shelves filled with little glass pots of various types of dirt, from cereal to salt, allowing you to test drive your chosen vacuum by pouring your chosen dirt over the selection of surfaces and hoovering it up! Something quite satisfying about pouring a pot of Cheerios onto a shop floor.


It’s great to see British designers still pushing the boundaries and it’s also interesting to see these innovations appearing in ordinary items such as fans and hair dryers, before cars and rockets. Although the store itself is relatively simple, the passionate staff and experiences within make it well worth a trip, especially if you’re in the market for a new hairdryer…

447 Oxford Street
London W1C 2PR




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