Johnnie Walker

A fresh perspective on Scotch

Johnnie Walker
What we did:
Research & Insights, Customer Experience Strategy, Communications Design, Interaction Design, Retail Design, Format Development
Calle de Serrano, Madrid
Shop! & Retail Design Institute

The Challenge

Diageo asked us to create their first ever direct-to-consumer brand experience and bring the world of Johnnie Walker to life in its own dedicated space. With the aim of introducing a fresh perspective on Scotch to a new, millennial audience, it had to be accessible and appealing to whisky novices. At the same time, the brand wanted to make sure seasoned Scotch fans were catered for.

Johnnie Walker Flagship Experiencial Madrid 3

The Solution

Engaging customers was key, so we created a flagship that plays host to a wide variety of immersive experiences. The cutting-edge store features an interactive hospitality area where guests can discover the craft of cocktail making, a tasting table where they can dive into the flavours that lie at the heart of Johnnie Walker, a range of limited-edition collaborations and more.

Discover the whiskies

A wall towards the front of the store showcases the vast whisky range, divided by flavour profiles with coloured labels that relate to each whisky. The ‘explore our whiskies’ screen in the middle of the wall allows Scotch fans to discover more about what goes into each whisky and customers are encouraged to take recipe cards home with them for cocktail inspiration.

Tailored cocktails

At the entrance of the store, a screen takes a profile of each customer and matches them to a whisky cocktail. Visitors can head to the interactive hosting area at the centre of the store where they can create their recommended drink and discover the craft of cocktail making. All of the ingredients that go into making their cocktail - including fresh fruit - can be purchased in-store.

The place to be

In the evenings, the store becomes a popular bar offering shoppers a reason to stay for longer and providing locals with a lively environment to enjoy a drink after work.

Contemporary design

Breaking with conventions and moving away from the traditional masculine connotations associated with whisky, the store is designed to be bright and welcoming to appeal to a younger and more diverse crowd. Local artist Nuria Toll was commissioned to create vibrant artwork for the space.

Personally crafted

At the personalisation station, visitors can find unique gifts and add bespoke engravings and labels to their purchases.

Communications design

Our communications make for clear store and range navigation while the tone of voice brings out Johnnie Walker's personality.

Johnnie Walker Flagship Experiencial Madrid 1 smaller


Shop! Design Awards 2020
Global Winner in the Alcohol and Tobacco category
Shop! Design Awards 2019
Gold Award in the Specialty Food and Consumables Retailer category
Retail Design Institute
Class of 2018

What our client says

The direct-to-consumer Johnnie Walker experiential retail flagship is the latest step in our ambition to bring unique experiences to consumers through our brands. By offering a retail space which combines interactive experiences with the diversity and rich heritage of Johnnie Walker, we hope to offer something new and exciting that will really delight people.” Cristina Diezhandino
Global Category Director Scotch and Reserve Brands

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