Johnnie Walker

Recruiting the next generation of whisky explorers with a DTC experience

Johnnie Walker
What we did:
Experience Strategy & Ideation, Customer Research & Profiling, Customer Journey Mapping, Stakeholder Engagement, Communications Design, Format Strategy, Retail Design from boutique to flagship, Retail Flagship Design, Interaction Design, UX & UI Design, Touchpoint Innovation
Shop! & Retail Design Institute

The Challenge

In a market where consumer relationships tend to be with the retailer or distributor rather than the brand itself, spirits producer Diageo wanted to develop a more personal connection with their audience. We were asked to design their first-ever direct-to-consumer brand experience for the high street and bring the world of Johnnie Walker to life in its own dedicated space, whilst also capturing the attention of a new, younger audience.

Johnnie Walker Flagship Experiencial Madrid 3

Our approach & solution

Scotch can be perceived as traditional, old-fashioned and serious. In order to recruit the next generation of whisky explorers and introduce a fresh perspective on Scotch, we needed to create an accessible and appealing new destination for consumers to engage with and discover Johnnie Walker whisky for themselves.

Key insight: Whisky tends to be a niche that people want to get into, but there’s a lack of overall category knowledge and an inability to confidently navigate. An accessible, hands-on experience that promotes education will break this barrier.

We designed an experiential flagship in Madrid that plays host to a wide variety of immersive experiences for visitors to connect with. The innovative store features an interactive hospitality area where guests can discover the craft of cocktail-making, a tasting table allowing customers to dive into the flavours that lie at the heart of Johnnie Walker, and a range of personalisation options ensuring each visitor has an experience they’ll never forget.

The space also acts as the omnichannel hub for marketing Johnnie Walker in Spain. Digital sales are fulfilled from the flagship, whisky education events are held, and brand ambassadors broadcast from the store. A digital approach appeals to a tech-savvy younger audience, with an entrance screen profiling each visitor and pairing them with their matching whisky cocktail. In the evenings, the store transforms into a popular bar.

Strategic shift: From a traditional category that’s not understood, to a connected and fresh perspective on Scotch.

We commissioned local artist Nuria Toll to create vibrant artwork for the space.

Johnnie Walker Flagship Experiencial Madrid 1 smaller


Shop! Design Awards 2020
Global Winner in the Alcohol and Tobacco category
Shop! Design Awards 2019
Gold Award in the Specialty Food and Consumables Retailer category
Retail Design Institute
Class of 2018

What our client says

The direct-to-consumer Johnnie Walker experiential retail flagship is the latest step in our ambition to bring unique experiences to consumers through our brands. By offering a retail space which combines interactive experiences with the diversity and rich heritage of Johnnie Walker, we hope to offer something new and exciting that will really delight people.” Cristina Diezhandino
Global Category Director Scotch and Reserve Brands

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