Revitalising an Irish independent

What we did:
Identity, Storytelling, Communications Design, Packaging & Brand Collateral, Retail Design, Format Development
Tralee, Ireland

The Challenge

For over 50 years, family-run CH Chemists had been an indispensable part of the Tralee community. However, in order to become future-fit, the brand needed to evolve in response to the booming wellness and beauty sectors as well as changes in consumer behaviour. The independent retailer had always stood for expertise and experience with its knowledgeable staff, in-store workshops and events: it just needed the tools and environment to reflect this.

CH brand facade

The Solution

We revitalised the brand with a new identity, brand communications and store concept, positioning it for a new era with a more contemporary look. Warm and full of personality, the design language is worlds away from the clinical feel of a pharmacy and brings to life the welcoming and knowledgeable attributes of the brand. The redesign ensures CH will remain a go-to destination for all things beauty and wellness for years to come.

Brand identity

The transformation began with a name change, dropping ‘Chemists’ to better reflect the brand’s wide-ranging offer and services that extend far beyond the remit of a traditional pharmacy. With the new name, ‘CH’, comes a reimagined logo – a bold statement that reaffirms its status as a neighbourhood icon with a more contemporary look.

Distinct departments

Moving from a product-first approach, CH is now a marketplace for customers to explore. Each department - Beauty, Pharmacy and Optical - has its own distinct identity, including individual colours accented throughout the spaces for clearer navigation.

A leader in beauty

The beauty department occupies the front of the store; beauty brands have their own fixtures in the perimeter while CH can populate the front and middle fixtures with curated selections of products. The scheme has already attracted new beauty brands to CH. The salon, now named the Beauty Lounge, has doubled in size and offers various treatments in a calm and contemporary space.

A personal touch

Fragrance also now occupies its own department. Products that were previously kept behind a counter are out on display, with handwritten staff recommendations and testers making the space more engaging.

Warmth and personality

The Pharmacy has been elevated to feel warm and inviting rather than clinical, with the same marbles and bronzes used throughout the store.

Clear communications

New communications have been created with an editorial look to reflect CH’s expertise. These are seen throughout the store on digital screens, online and on the brand’s social media channels.

The whole package

The new identity has been translated across redesigned packaging. Shoppers can take their purchases home in bright paper bags or gift boxes, some with added playful graphics. A ‘Make it personal’ space allows customers or staff to gift wrap and make custom hampers.

CH beauty hall child L

What our client says

We have made many improvements to CH over the past 50 years but this is certainly the most extensive renovation in terms of design and investment. We take pride in the fact that we are an independent family-run store in the heart of Tralee town. The new CH experience is the best possible store for our dedicated staff and customers.” Peter Harty
Co-Owner, CH

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