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Eobuwie is striding forward with our new sector-defining store concept that positions the Polish brand as the ‘next big thing’ in footwear retail. Building on its dominance in e-commerce, Eobuwie's new proposition seamlessly blends digital and physical on the high street for an exciting, easy-to-shop alternative to traditional footwear stores. With this digitally enabled store environment, Eobuwie aims to expand its appeal beyond the established online audience.

Where, When

Poland; February 2018

About the client

Eobuwie.pl is owned by CCC S.A, the largest footwear retail company in Central Europe and the largest footwear manufacturer in Europe.

A bit more detail

The store has no physical product on the shop floor and is supported by a vast stockroom. A pair of digital screens flanks the open entrance to attract passing shoppers and the arrival zone is designed for quick transactions and purchases, with high stools and interactive touchscreen tablets on which customers can search and order. For customers seeking a slower journey, the heart of the store is designed for browsing and trying on shoes.


This space has a warmer, more intimate feel, with an industrial-style framework and fluted glass to bring privacy, and a lowered ceiling. From the back of the store there’s a view into the stockroom which houses 110,000 shoe boxes, showcasing the vast range of brands and products available to the customer. Boxes slide from the stockroom down through the racking behind the cash desks, creating an element of retail theatre.

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