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Stores must perform as more than just selling spaces to maintain their relevance in the multichannel era; adding hospitality to the shop floor mix is a key way to increase dwell time and to bolster the brand message. Recognising this, Debenhams required an exceptional dining offer for its new flagship experience.

Where, When

Oxford Street, London; December 2013

About the client

D&P has been heavily involved in the £25m modernisation of Debenhams’ Oxford Street flagship, also devising a new in-store hospitality concept for the department store.

A bit more detail

Four new restaurants, each tailored to its location within the store and attuned to different customer groups. Every component is styled to be independently strong, while fitting with Debenhams’ master vision.


There’s a family restaurant on the Children’s floor offering traditional British dishes, a fast-service café beside Young Fashion emulating the pace and vibrancy of a high-street operator, a female-focused premium bistro alongside Footwear and Lingerie in the basement, and a ground floor coffee shop that pulls in external, on-the-go customers.

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