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The 4,000 sqft store located on Meadowhall’s High Street brings to life the bold online persona of Joe Browns, with the ambition to reflect the brand’s mantra, ‘Be Remarkable’. The store is brimming with personality and encourages customers to live in the moment, be happy and optimistic. It's an inclusive haven for freethinking, spontaneous individuals who want their fashion choices to match their lust for life.

Where, When

Meadowhall, Sheffield

About the client

Mail-order and online retailer Joe Browns is passionate about creating wonderfully unique ranges of clothing that people simply love to wear day in day out. We were tasked by the brand to create their first physical retail store launched in November 2017.

We’re passionate about being remarkable in everything we do at Joe Browns, hence we’re very excited to be working with Dalziel & Pow to bring our strong personality to life. We are non-conformist, open-minded and courageous which will be reflected in the store design.
Simon Brown, MD and founder of Joe Browns
The results

Crammed full of references to decorative bygone eras and positive thought-provoking statements, such as the hand painted illustrative statement “When was the last time you did something for the first time?” the eclectic space perfectly immerses customers in Joe Browns’ colourful world. The store is a physical version of Joe Browns’ successful online storytelling, embodying all the signature personality traits its customers love.

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