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Experiences we love – July 19

Our favourite experiences from this month include Louis Vuitton’s celebratory exhibition, Chanel’s new beauty store, a sustainable pop-up from Converse, Peu à Peu’s retail theatre and Issey Miyake’s new minimal menswear store.

Louis Vuitton

To celebrate its 160th anniversary, Louis Vuitton set up Louis Vuitton X – an exhibition in a converted mansion on Rodeo Drive showcasing the brand’s past and present.

Louis Vuitton X
© Louis Vuitton

What we love

It showcases different sides of the brand. The exhibition is spread across nine different rooms, each with its own theme dedicated to a certain aspect of the brand. Rooms like ‘Origins: A Tradition of Modernity’ and ‘The Monogram as a Blank Canvas’ take visitors on a trip through the brand’s archives. There’s also new designs on display and available to buy in the pop-up shop. A touch of California is brought into the space through bright hues and palm trees.

It’s a great way to launch a new collection. The final room in the exhibition is ‘Artycapucines: Six Visions of a Contemporary Classic’, Louis Vuitton’s latest collaborative project with six leading artists who’ve designed their own version of the Capucines bag. Each is displayed against a brightly-hued backdrop to show off their unique design.

The tech. Whilst in the space, guests can scan a bar code to unlock exclusive filters on Instagram and Snapchat.


Chanel shows its unwavering dedication to physical retail by opening up a new beauty boutique on the Champs-Elysées.

© Chanel

What we love

The design. The 100 sqm store is divided into three spaces. The first is dedicated to makeup with the products displayed against a striking black, white and pink backdrop. The second space houses the brand’s perfumes with a pyramid of products in the centre.

The exclusives. The final space contains store-exclusives, such as makeup products engraved with Parisian architecture, giving shoppers more reason to visit the new store.


To coincide with the launch of Converse Renew – a line of sneakers made from recycled and sustainable materials – the brand set up shop for a day in London’s Coal Drops Yard.

© Converse

What we love

The commitment to sustainability comes through. The space used recycled and renewable materials to display the products and Converse claimed all of the wood, chip foam and recycled cardboard will be used elsewhere after the event.

It tells the collection’s story. Within the pop-up was a section that displayed the steps to creating the collection, making the process more transparent.

It showcases new designers. Converse displayed the work of local artists and students, showcasing artwork with a ‘material futures’ theme. Each piece used plastic in new and engaging ways.

Peu à Peu

Clothing brand Peu à Peu’s new store in Hangzhou stands out with a unique display.

Peu a Peu
© Peu à Peu

What we love

The installation. Several large silver balls run on rails throughout the store. Set in motion by a mechanical system, it’s an eye-catching display. The structure of the installation also contains shelves and garments can be hung from the frame.

The design. Letting the installation take centre-stage, the rest of the store is minimal. The heavy use of concrete and stuccoed walls means grey dominates but fun touches are added through foam decorations.

Issey Miyake

The brand opens a new flagship store dedicated to its Homme Plisse Issey Miyake label in Aoyama, Tokyo.

Issey Miyake
© Issey Miyake

What we love

The minimalist design. The store is spacious and uncluttered. The stripped-back interiors, exposing bare concrete, pillars, beams and some pipes makes the colourful merchandise pop.

You can watch the items being made. At the back of the store in a glass-walled room sits a pleating machine, press and sewing machines. Visitors can watch garments being made and purchase them right after, elevating the experience with an artisanal touch.

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