REI Retail Retreat 2016

Our Strategy Director Paul West is heading to Carlow, Ireland next week to speak at REI Retail Retreat 2016. See what he'll be presenting here.

Dalziel & Pow
By Dalziel & Pow
Posted 05. 05. 2016
Paul West

Our Strategy Director Paul West is heading to Carlow, Ireland next week to speak at Retail Excellence Ireland’s annual Retail Retreat.

In a talk entitled What Makes an Engaging Brand? Paul will explain why captivating customers through unique store experiences is more important than ever before, how the world’s most successful retailers create the total retail experience, and how to create a more imaginative future for clients’ business, while delivering an engaging experience for customers.

In a series of six thought pieces, we’ve been exploring some core themes that make an engaging brand. To read these insights, please visit our opinion page.

The Retail Retreat is REI’s largest event of the year, with a fantastic line-up of industry leading speakers. Over 500 REI members will attend, click here for full details.

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