Mona Hatoum at the Tate Modern

Mona Hatoum at the Tate Modern – we caught the exhibition before it finished this weekend, read about our highlights here.

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By Michael McPheat
Posted 24. 08. 2016
Mona hatoum feature
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At the weekend I went to the Tate Modern to see the Mona Hatoum exhibit before it closed on the Sunday. Hatoum is known for her large scale installations and sculpture that explore politics, gender and race; communicated via a range of materials, from the domestic to the hostile.

Mona hatoum05

Some of my favourite pieces are amongst her more minimalist work, such as Light Sentence; a fantastic installation using light and wire cages, exploring themes of confinement and trauma, echoed by its title. See below for more highlights from the exhibit; which is your favourite?

Mona hatoum02

Mona hatoum

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