Experiences we love – New York, May 19

We’re putting the spotlight on New York for this special edition of Experiences we love. We recently spent some time in the city and now we’re back to report on some of our favourite experiences, including CAMP, Made by We, Celsious, Universal Standard, and Crest Hardware.

By Michelle Bower
Posted 30. 05. 2019
Experiences we love may


Billed as a ‘Family Experience Store’, Camp is a toy shop that takes playtime seriously.

Camp NY

What we love

The element of surprise. Upon entering Camp, visitors are met with an old-fashioned general store filled with various merchandise. However, to the delight of both kids and grown-ups, there’s a secret door behind which the experience space lies and visitors find themselves immersed in another world.

It’s truly experience-led. Going through the secret door is just the start. There are daily activities at Camp such as arts and crafts workshops. The ‘Campitheatre’ stages regular events like sing-a-longs and improv shows. Camp also takes on a new theme every few months – it’s currently a ‘Cooking Camp’ encouraging children to explore the journey of their food.

Made by We

Part co-working space, part store, Made by We is The We Company’s first foray into retail.

Made By We

What we love

It values community. Made by We is a space where people can come together to work or to just hang out in the cafe or the shop. What’s more is that all products sold in the retail space are created by WeWork members – a great way to showcase the community.

It’s adapting to consumer needs. No membership is necessary at Made By We and workstations can be rented by the minute. It’s perfect for freelancers who need a space to work but don’t want to commit to a membership or for digital nomads passing through New York.


Celsious is a modern laundrette reframing a chore as a mindful and meaningful experience.


What we love

They harness all the senses. Natural light, delicious eco-laundry scent, fresh coffee, tactile surfaces. Don’t get us started on their ASMR inducing website, smoothing sheets, sorting and folding laundry never felt so good!

Turning waiting time into time well spent. Art to gaze on while waiting at the eco-laundromats, workspace and hospitality on the neat mezzanine overhead. This is a space locals want to hang out in (and tourists like us, feel more than welcome in too).

A fresh pair of eyes to reimagine a sector. We love that the founder sisters are new to the service industry, with experience in product design and journalism respectively, a clear ambition to be the most sustainable laundrette in NY, gives them a freshness that stands out from the crowd.

Universal Standard

This brand is challenging the fashion world’s size conventions.

Universal Standard

What we love

It stands for size inclusivity. Universal Standard was started up by two friends tired of the lack of clothing options for women over a certain size. In response, the brand offers clothes up to a size 4XL. On top of that, the company operates a ‘Fit Liberty’ policy, meaning if a customer purchases something from the core collection and it no longer fits them within a year due to size fluctuation, they can exchange the item for one in their new size for free.

The wardrobe builders. The brand sells multiple ‘Kits’ – selections of wardrobe basics at a set price in a choice of colours. There’s a Starter Kit for workwear, a Foundation Kit of basics, and more.

Crest Hardware

This old-school DIY store is a Brooklyn institution.

Crest Hardware

What we love

Its dedication to the arts. Crest has a creative initiative called ‘Crest Arts’ and hosts community-based events and fundraisers in support of the arts. Every year, the store hosts the Crest Hardware Art Show which features hardware-inspired artwork from over 150 artists from the neighbourhood and beyond. There’s also an Annual Pumpkin Carving Contest and the store sells art supplies alongside tools and garden equipment.

It’s part of the community. Crest is a family-run business that’s been serving the community for over 50 years. It’s known for great customer service and also acts as a neighbourhood general store.

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