Experiences We Love - February 2020

This month's roundup of work we love from around the world includes an in-store chapel, Louis Vuitton's new Osaka flagship, Mulberry's Fashion Week festivities and a wellness pop-up from Primark.

By Annabelle Mayor
Posted 27. 02. 2020
FM Chapel
© Fortnum & Mason

Fortnum & Mason Chapel

Fortnum & Mason opened a new kind of aisle in its department store. The Chapel of Love, running throughout February, hosted wedding ceremonies, vowel renewals, engagements, and visitors who just wanted a snap.

What we love

It’s unexpected. Fortnum & Mason is known for its lavish decorations and installations, particularly around Christmas time. However, its Chapel of Love marks the first in-store chapel installation in London. That’s one way to stand out during the month of Valentine’s.

LV 1
© Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton opens a new flagship in Osaka, featuring the brand’s first ever cafe and restaurant.

What we love

The design. Paying homage to the port city, the flagship’s facade evokes the sails of a ship. Inside, the store is bright and airy. Traditional Japanese crafts feature throughout the space.

The eateries. Louis Vuitton have made sure its first dining spots don’t disappoint. Le Cafe V is a serene space with a retro feel, decorated with translucent discs. There’s also outdoor seating on a wooden deck and colourful furnishings. The restaurant, Sugalabo V, is a darker, moodily lit space accessed through a speakeasy-style door at the back of the cafe.

© Mulberry


For London Fashion Week, Mulberry transformed its Bond Street store with installations celebrating their craft and ethos. Centred around sustainability, the Made to Last programme involved talks, product swaps, and turning the store into an artisan studio for the weekend.

What we love

The experiences. Mulberry packed the weekend programme with numerous experiences. There was a pop-up cafe, complimentary manicures, a DJ set and leather bracelet-making workshops. Talks covered topics on creativity and sustainability. Shoppers could exchange their pre-loved bags or purchase pre-restored models. There were also installations showcasing Mulberry’s responsibility commitments.

The studio. Mulberry brought its Somerset factories to the Bond Street store, kitting out the place with materials and equipment for its craftspeople to create sustainable tote bags.

© Primark


Primark opens a wellness pop-up in London’s Boxpark, previewing its Primark Wellness range.

What we love

It’s something new from the brand. The fast-fashion retailer is no stranger to keeping up with trends, but creating a wellness pop-up is an unexpected move from Primark. The space also looks very different to usual Primark stores, with plenty of wood, cardboard and plants creating a more muted environment.

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