Experiences we love – Beauty

This month's edition of Experiences we love is all about beauty! We're turning our attention to some of the recent exciting experiences in the industry including YSL's Coachella pop-up, an accessible beauty brand, Glossier in Miami, and En's Parisian store.

By Annabelle Mayor
Posted 30. 04. 2019
Experiences we love april beauty

YSL Beauty Station

This year, YSL made their way down to Coachella with a retro petrol station pop-up, offering make-up refills instead of tank refuels.

YSL Coachella

What we love

It’s unexpected. This was YSL’s first time at Coachella and the brand didn’t disappoint. There was more to the pop-up than just the new products on offer, such as the makeup vending machine, and the petrol station theme made for a fun, shareable experience.

The interactivity. Festival-goers could customise their YSL lipsticks at a Make It Yours station. Attendees could also try on 50 different lipstick shades in a virtual mirror.


New brand Grace is creating a range of add-ons to help people with disabilities grip their products.

Grace Beauty

What we love

It’s making makeup more accessible. Keeping a steady hand isn’t a simple task for people with disabilities that affect mobility. Grace has come up with 3 different types of grips to help users open, hold, and use their mascara. The grips work with all mainstream mascara tubes and are washable and reusable.

The community aspect. Grace has also set up an online community to get people involved in product development. The brand is asking people for their input and feedback and in return will offer prototypes and early bird specials on purchases. The community also intends to feature members’ stories once it begins to grow.


The hit beauty brand opened a pop-up in Miami spanning March ‘til April, letting locals test out every product in the Glossier and Glossier Play ranges.

Glossier Miami

What we love

The design. Glossier’s experiential designer Madelynn Ringo oversaw the design for the pop-up which heavily draws on the city’s famous Art Deco architecture. There’s bold colours, geometric accents, and tropical flowers and fruits that pay homage to Miami. The brand also had artist Jacquie Comrie create a colourful mural outside the store.

The added purpose. A special event was held in-store on April 5th to celebrate Miami Pride. 50% of the proceeds were donated to Lambda Legal, a defence organisation that fights for the rights of LGBTQ people and people living with HIV. A limited-edition Glossier Miami keychain was also on sale.


New Japanese beauty brand En has set up shop in an 18th-century building in central Paris.


What we love

The customisation. Over 100 oils and essences are stocked in store and, after a consultation, customers can receive a bespoke facial tailored to them with select ingredients blended on the spot.

The design. ‘En’ can mean beauty, connection, and circle in Japanese, and the latter in particular is referenced in the store’s design. Circular partitions divide the rooms and many of the store’s lighting fixtures are circles. There’s also plenty of polished brass surfaces, giving the space a luxurious, warm feel.

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