D&AD New Blood

Angelica Araujo sits on the panel at the D&AD New Blood Awards.

Angelica araujo headshot
By Angelica Araujo
Posted 15. 07. 2014
Dad panel

This week I attended D&AD New Blood to judge the The Best on Show. D&AD has a reputation for being one of the most prestigious award shows in the industry and annually it invites experienced creative leaders to sit on the panel. It’s been an incredible experience and an honour to be part of the awards. I have met some very talented people and the high quality of work on show has been overwhelming.

The big difference in judging the New Blood Awards compared with the Professional Awards is that you have the opportunity to talk with the students after the judging stage and to find out more about the process and ideas behind their work, as well as to tell them why you have selected their submission to be the Best on Show. It was a unique experience and really inspiring!

Here’s a list of designers I met while I was there. In my opinion their work stood out the most.

Robbie Anson Duncan (Best on Show D&AD)

Tim Green (Best on Show D&AD)

Siobhan Lilian Jasper

Alex Nicholson (Best on Show D&AD)

Shivangi Garg

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