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Tens: Filter Your World

We stumbled across this little gem in Covent Garden and were pleasantly surprised. A couple of years back, company ‘Tens’ launched an IndieGo startup campaign to created Instagram filter inspired sunglasses. It was successful in reaching its target within two hours, and since then they’ve also received significant investment from Richard Branson, who is a big fan. As the company says, a “real life photo filter” that “lends an uplifting tint to the world beyond the lens.”

© Tens

While traditional sunglasses block out light with desaturated colours, the Tens Life colours the scene through a lens tint working with the warmth of the sun. In other words, you will have the chance to look around through an Instagram inspired filter.

© Tens
© Tens
© Tens

Currently there’s only one ‘ideal’ filter for all the glasses styles, but alternatives are expected to launch soon.

© Tens

The shop itself is a small boutique but it’s well designed with some beautiful little signage and VM touches. All in all a nice, unique concept.



10 Earlham Street, Covent Garden, London


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