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Sharp and sophisticated

Customer service is a very important part of beauty retail. Yesterday we took a walk down to Covent Garden to see what beauty stores had to offer.

We were pleasantly surprised at the level of service in the stores we visited, with many staff taking time to have a conversation and talk through the products they offered. Almost going above and beyond the service you’d expect.

(Images Copyright © 2015 theglassmagazine)
(Images Copyright © 2015 theglassmagazine)

We visited Penhaligon on Wellington Street. From the moment you walk in you are welcomed by friendly staff and a statement table with an array of sample fragrances. We delved right in to smell the fragrances where you will find a scent for every taste. At this point we found that the expert knowledge provided by the staff was incredible describing each scent and the inspiration behind them, showing a real interest in our needs as customers. Having tested a range of fragrances, we were provided with samples of our favourite scents to take home.


Just when we thought the customer service couldn’t get any better I was offered a complimentary classic beard trim to celebrate the launch of No.33 Eau de Cologne. The complimentary grooming treatments come courtesy of fabled London barber Jack the Clipper until August 16th. Make your appointment by calling 0207 240 6256 or visiting the store.

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