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  1. Lei Lei: this is not a time to lie


    I love this beautiful animation by Chinese artist, Lei Lei. The images were made from vintage book covers.

  2. Glowing trees

  3. Resonate Festival 2014: Day Two


    Day two at the Resonate festival has been full of interesting talks, installations and interactive work! Visit our Tumblr page for the latest photos and videos.

  4. Kate Moss graces her 34th Vogue cover


    Her first was in March 1993! Still going strong!

  5. The internet isn’t just for kitten pictures…


    Feast your looking balls on The British Library manuscript viewer... for some 1400-year-old graphic wonders.

  6. Vote for NASA’s next spacesuit design


    If you ever wanted to participate in spacesuit design, even in a small way, here’s your big chance. NASA is asking the public to choose which design of the futuristic Z-2 “planetary mobility” suit prototype will be used by astronauts while evaluating how well the spacesuit works.There are three options, and NASA promises the winning design will be used in pool training at NASA’s Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory, the Johnson Space Centre “rockyard” to simulate Mars exploration.

    Click here for a spacesuit catwalk and to cast your vote.

  7. Resonate Festival 2014: Day One


    A few members of our digital team have taken a trip to the Resonate 2014 festival in Belgrade, Serbia, attending talks, screenings, performances and workshops. Here are a few highlights from the first day!

    Click here to view more.