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  1. The Drowned Man


    Last night I visited Punchdrunk’s interactive theatre production ‘The Drowned Man.'

    “Temple Pictures is the name of the fictional Hollywood film studio, which forms the setting and backdrop of the production. Influenced by Georg Buchner’s famous unfinished play Woyzeck, the production occupies four floors – the various sets and locations within the building represent internal and external locations both within Temple Pictures and also the outskirts of the town near which it is situated. The various locations include a desert, a saloon, a trailer park, a chapel, as well as several dressed sound stages and a Lynchian black and white chequerboard dancefloor. The Drowned Man is Punchdrunk’s largest theatre installation yet, covering 200,000 sqft. and catering for up to 600 audience members per show with a cast of nearly 40. The audience members, who are free to roam around the sets at will, wear white masks to distinguish themselves from the cast, and the narrative is communicated through a series of overlapping scenes blending the mediums of interpretative dance, contemporary dance and traditional acting”.

    Truly one of the most thrilling and entertaining experiences I’ve had. Abandon all preconceptions of what theatre should be and prepare yourself… The production ends 6 July – GO!

  2. The best of OFFF


    Here's a glimpse of what we took away from this year's OFFF festival, full of iconic work, inspiring words and important lessons. Visit our Tumblr page for all the in-depth coverage.

  3. Bailey’s Stardust


    I called in at ‘Bailey’s Stardust’ exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery last night. He certainly mixed in the right circles with lots of interesting muses. Being good friends with the likes of Mick Jagger and Andy Warhol made for some great shots. There’s lots to see, all chosen and grouped by Bailey himself and set out in themes that are particularly important or memorable to him. Worth a look.

  4. The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier


    A couple of us attended the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit last night at the Barbican. This theatrically-staged exhibition brings together more than 165 cutting-edge couture and ready-to-wear garments including iconic costumes for film and performance, from the early 1970s to the present day. Lots of interesting elements of digital, graphic and spatial design. It's well worth a look.

  5. Media

  6. Our OFFF highlights, so far…


    A couple of our designers are exploring the OFFF digital-culture festival in Barcelona this week, attending talks, exhibitions and workshops. Here are a few of their highlights so far!

    Follow us to keep up to date with the latest OFFF news and events.

  7. 320° Licht


    The ‘320° Licht’ installation uses the Cathedral-like interior of the Gasometer Oberhausen as the starting point for a fascinating game with shapes and light. With approximately 20,000 square meters of area played upon, the installation is among the world’s largest and technically most sophisticated interior projections with 21 powerful projectors interconnected to one projection screen.