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  1. Chirp


    Chirp is an incredible new way to share your stuff...using sound. Chirp sings information from one iPhone to another – you can share photos, webpages, contacts all from your built-in speaker. Could be a fun way to access accounts/share/publish data in stores.

  2. Life drawing class first attempt


    So we decided to get our hands dirty and play with some charcoal. Some with more, others with less success, here are some snaps of our first run for 2013. Happy drawing!

  3. Adidas Y-3 interactive live stream


    Most new fashion shows are getting better at expanding into interactive online experiences, and the 2013 Y-3 show from Adidas was no different. Set to a projection mapped background and staring multiple live-stream cameras, the interactive live-stream catwalk show let people switch between various live action shots both on the runway and behind-the-scenes, whilst allowing users to take snaps of the show and instantly pin them on Pinterest.

  4. A new take on wine stores in Hong Kong


    This posh off-license in Hong Kong integrates digital into their new store design in order to enhance the customer experience. Shoppers are encouraged to ‘explore and discover the culture of wine for themselves’. Presumably by helping educate shoppers about wine, this retailer aims to grow consumer knowledge, appreciation and, ultimately, sell more premium plonk!

    See more here.

  5. After Brad Pitt’s foray into Furniture Design comes…


    Vanilla Ice lighting! Boom.

  6. SBTRKT – Trials of the Past


    A bit of a shameless plug – an old school friend directed this SBTRKT video staring my friend ‘Diamond Dave’ as the demon barber. It was filmed in his barber shop in my home town of Northallerton… it’s grim up north!