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  1. D&AD New Blood


    This week I attended D&AD New Blood to judge the "The Best on Show." D&AD has a reputation for being one of the most prestigious award shows in the industry and annually, they invite experienced creative leaders to sit on the panel. It's been an incredible experience and an honour to be part of the awards. I have met some very talented people and the high quality of work on show has been overwhelming.

    The big difference in judging the New Blood Awards compared with the Professional Awards is that you have the opportunity to talk with the students after the judging stage and find out more about the process and ideas behind their work, as well as tell them why you have selected their submission to be the Best on Show. It was a unique experience and really inspiring!

    Here's a list of designers I met while I was there. In my opinion their work stood out the most.

    Robbie Anson Duncan (Best on Show D&AD)

    Tim Green (Best on Show D&AD)

    Siobhan Lilian Jasper

    Alex Nicholson (Best on Show D&AD)

    Shivangi Garg

  2. Quentin Blake: Inside Stories


    House of Illustration’s inaugural exhibition is Inside Stories, a landmark show by Quentin Blake, one of the UK’s most important and best-loved illustrators whose work is recognised worldwide. This exhibition gives a unique insight into the origins of some of Blake’s most characteristic and popular creations, from his illustrations to Roald Dahl’s The Twits and Danny the Champion of the World to his own Clown and The Boy in The Dress by David Walliams. The exhibition brings together more than 100 pieces of art: first roughs, storyboards and finished art work to demonstrate how ideas evolved, often in close collaboration with the authors. The exhibition runs 2 July – 2 November 2014.

  3. Age UK reception refresh


    As part of D&P’s charity volunteering scheme a group of us gave Age UK’s Islington centre a refresh. The centre is a social hub for over 400 older people in the area covering important services such as solicitors support and chiropody through to Bingo and line dancing! Their main issue was how to organise all leaflets, information and schedules in a clear and accessible manner to make it easy to use for their clients and volunteers, but also to create a nice welcome to draw new people through the doors. To raise funds for the refresh we held a bake sale and thanks to the kindness (or greed?!) of the Dalziel and Pow staff we managed to raise all the money required for the materials.

    7 litres of paint, 3 Domino's pizzas and 24 wall plugs later they had a new and improved reception area. They were thrilled with the result and have given us lots of positive feedback; the boards are proving easy to navigate and overall it's a lighter and brighter welcome to the centre. All in a day's work!

  4. Glasgow School of Art Degree Show


    Last week I took a trip up to Glasgow to see the class of 2014′s degree show… post fire! The standard and quality of work was outstanding throughout all disciplines and was fascinating to see such creativity and ingenuity across such a wide range of media. The School of Art’s buildings were also really beautiful. We visited the Fine Art students' show after the majority of their work had either been damaged or destroyed. They were given a day to submit a photo of their final piece or create something new to be printed on an A1 print. The pieces were great but as most of us here have reached the final pin up stages, I think everyone could empathise!

  5. Smoke portraits


    These smoke portraits by photographer Dan Cooney are totally stunning.

  6. Lego bus stop


    Outisde Hamleys on Regent Street.

  7. IKEA: mapping your sleeping habits


    IKEA has released its first global snapshot report, Life at Home: A World Wakes Up, which details how consumers in London, New York, Stockholm, Berlin, Paris, Shanghai, Mumbai and Moscow behave in the morning.


    ‘Evening people’ are in fact the most creative in the morning, but only 14% of them feel creative at dawn.

    27% of Londoners snooze more than once.

    18% of those who eat breakfast together at home with those they live with don’t have a conversation whilst doing so.

    85% think it’s important to give their partner a hug or a kiss in the morning but only 56% actually do.