1. Cinderella vs. Will and Kate


  2. The Lost Collection


    Private View: Thursday 2 June 7-9pm

    Exhibition Runs: 3 – 30 June

    What would you find if you were to scour Transport for London’s (TFL) Lost Property Office? False teeth? Wigs? A prosthetic leg? What about a priceless art collection? TFL opened its Lost Property Office to KK Outlet who have curated a unique exhibition of art that was left unclaimed on London’s Tubes, buses, Overground trains and Black Cabs. This forgotten collection features creations from nameless artists; the work ranges from whole portfolios to carefully crafted drawings, paintings and photographs

  3. Behind the scenes of the new Kilgour campaign


    A couple of weeks ago we directed the new Kilgour ad campaign and their first promo film. Moving on from last season's dark and moody ‘Hollywood Cool’ concept, our direction this time was a more simplistic and pure approach, focusing on the quality of the tailoring. This new film sets the tone for Kilgour and will be used for web and promotional purposes. Thanks to photographer Robert Wyatt and a great team!

    View Kilgour in Work

  4. Apple Store 2.0


    Sunday morning marked the 10th anniversary of Apple opening its first retail store in Virginia. To celebrate this they have made some changes inside.

    Most notable is the introduction of interactive iPad displays next to products. These give you all the tech spec information and allow you to compare models and see configurations available. Another feature is the ability to call over a member of staff to your location should you need one. This saves having to loiter around trying to get their attention. The iPad tells the member of staff where you are and it apparently tells you where you are in the queue.

  5. Photos from Chile…


    We went to Chile last week to meet a new client, review the market, and experience some unusual yet interesting local culture.
    Here are a few snaps... a full update on the project to follow shortly!

  6. No need to pour a pint…


  7. Google Maps: Japan to China directions


    Google maps can be quite creative with directions. In this case I wouldn’t recommend you to follow them…

    Please follow the instructions bellow (I promise you it will make you laugh):

    1. Go to Google Maps

    2. Put ‘Japan’ as a starting point

    3. Put ‘China’ as a destination

    4. Read step number 42


    And that’s all!

    Happy Friday