1. For Dog Lovers – Acne Studios, Behind the scenes


  2. Claremont Easter Party


    Last Friday, myself, Caroline, Katy and Cat volunteered to help out at Angel’s Claremont Centre. Claremont hosts numerous services that help the elderly, providing opportunities to live happier, healthier and more connected lives. It was great to help run the party and get to know the local characters – a vibrant and chatty bunch. Highlights include judging the bonnet-making competition and also having a boogie with the gang. We were immersed in the running of the party by helping to set up, keep the party goers happy and helping to clear down at the end of the day. It was really rewarding to help the local community.

  3. Geoffrey Bawa


    While in Sri Lanka I stumbled across the architecture of Geoffrey Bawa. He is Sri Lanka’s most renowned architect and the main force behind ‘tropical modernism’. I discovered his Heritance Kandalama hotel, which blends the building with the natural environment, interconnecting the outside space with the inside. It was an amazing place to explore and the most tranquil building I've come across.

  4. Crossroad of Realities


    Crossroad of Realities is a project by artist, Benoit Paillé that cleverly blends two kinds of photography. Benoit merges the real and virtual to bring closer two conceptions and approaches of reality into one picture. In the video game, GTA V your character has a camera at all times in the form of a mobile phone, which allows the player to take a photograph while driving, flying and walking around the vast city of Los Santos.

    “The photographic performance of this project is to overlay a material reality with a virtual one, erasing the border between the two worlds. It is a response to the proliferation of visual projects that take place in virtual spaces. It is a questioning about the notion of border and territory. A mix of two distinct realities into a single image. I want to show that we can use a virtual space in conceptual photography and approach these areas with the same sensitivity as the physical space.” Benoit Paillé

  5. Lei Lei: this is not a time to lie


    I love this beautiful animation by Chinese artist, Lei Lei. The images were made from vintage book covers.

  6. Glowing trees

  7. Resonate Festival 2014: Day Two


    Day two at the Resonate festival has been full of interesting talks, installations and interactive work! Visit our Tumblr page for the latest photos and videos.